After 12 years of operation, the Agricultural Cooperative of Kyriaki (A.C.K.) made the Marketing of olive oil under the name "Oricarpo."The Marketing of own product is in line to the modern consumer needs for quality and branded products, but also to maximize the benefits of members of the A. C. K and the local community as well.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Oricarpo" is product from " Mountain Carpus" with unique advantages of add:

  • The microclimate of the area. The place of the olive oil production are the mountainous slopes of Helicon. The calm and idyllic scenery, as mentioned in mythology. With olive trees from the high of 700 meters around the mountain side of the Helicon of the region Kyriaki ,until the sea of the Korinthian Gulf.

  • The traditional way of cultivation. None irrigated olives trees, due to area landscape, the availability of water based only on annual rainfall in the area. The cultivation inputs are minimal. The harvest is done by the traditional way and the produced Olives harvested early to avoid any quality deterioration.

  • The spirit of producers. This is certified ,from the continually Olive tree cultivation, from the obvious well shape of olive trees in any location of Olive trees of Kyriaki. This report is particularly significant taken into consideration the strongly sloping soils of Kyriaki area.

  • The modern technological processing infrastructure. Processing in modern technological infrastructure Mill, which is equipped with new and complete line of Italian company Pieralisi, which due machines ensures a high degree of purity of the product throughout the Olive Oil process .
All those give a high quality product with unit characteristics which figured :

  • On the golden color
  • On the fruity and pleasant taste
  • On the low acidity of 0.26 (from laboratory analysis Olitecn and in accordance with international standards)

The product is available in metal packaging 5lt.