Olive Oil Mill Introduction mill: The mill is equipped with a NEW technology full line of olive Oil processing company PIERALISI Italy.
The current line replaced older outdated machines - for today - technology from different manufacturers.

Mill features: The new technology machine and crusher ensures - in the main area of production-low noise and prevent contamination from leaves, waters laundry fumes of crusher etc.
The machines are connected as a continuous line, fully automated in terms of function. Characteristic of this type of mill is the continuous flow of material from the stage of the fruit as to the final products, olive oil and pumice.
The whole production line (due to construction machinery) is a continuous closed circuit which ensures a high degree of avoiding contamination from exogenous factors (insects, rodents, dust etc).
The construction of the mixers (closed type) provides protection against oxidative effects of the olive paste (by contact with oxygen in the air). Also providing reduced heat losses provide faster and uniform heating of the olive paste.

Mill storage: The olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks.

Existing Machinery & Benefits