Cooperative Profile

Profile of Agriculture Cooperative  of Kyriaki

The Association was founded in 1930 under the name of Cooperative Landless Growers of  Kyriaki (C.L.G.Kyriaki).

By this form the Association collaborated with the Monastery of Saint Lukas for the distribution of Monastery Land, to landless farmers from the neighboring villages, which happened in 1933-1934.

In 1958, after the  decision by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Cooperative  was renamed “Agricultural Credit Cooperative of Kyriaki.”

In 2001 the Agricultural Credit Cooperative, was renamed to  “Agricultural Cooperative of Kyriaki ” (A.C.K). With  this name exists until today. With 360 active members and total olive oil production  about 200 tons per olive season, The A.C.K is one of the most important and well organized  unit  processing   Olive Oil, in Viotia district.

In 2001 A.C.K bought a piece of for the construction of warehouses and private olive oil  mill, so that members can process  the product for their own use. The modern Olive Oil Mill was built in 2005 and from then,  has attracted all the local  Olive production.

The main advantages of Cooperative Olive Oil Mill are:

  • the advance technological infrastructure
  • the good organization
  • the consistency and transparency of the management

In 2012, the Cooperative has made the pilot project of Marketing their own Olive Oil under  the name “Oreikarpo”, name which refers to the Mountain Carpus,  which is produced into the Olive trees of Kyriaki.

Currently available is the metal package  of 5lt.In the future will be available in different packages.

The aim of Marketing is the promotion of   high quality olive oil which produces  the Kyriaki area (see the qualitative analysis), to enhance the  awareness of locally produced goods and the general  region advertisement .

The targeted promotional campaign,  intend  not only to the Greek market but also to the global  world  competitive market.

That is why the A.C.K website and all communication materials is available in English, French and German.